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Sharing Best Practices to Optimize Patient Care

The Global Breast Cancer Academy is a series of educational meetings across the world, designed for medical professionals to discuss and update their knowledge on the current state of the art in breast cancer therapy, promote collaboration, and improve breast cancer care worldwide.

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Nadia Harbeck

Nadia Harbeck, MD, PhD

Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, Germany
(Global Breast Cancer Academy Chair)

Use the “Ask the Expert” tool to receive personal insights from our program chairs on current and novel treatment approaches in breast cancer .

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Educational materials for the treatment and management of lung cancer.


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Axess Network

A global group of oncology and hematology disease experts and patient-treating physicians who are committed to the advancement of clinical decision-making. Members collaborate with peers and life science companies to share their knowledge of clinical science and patient care via exclusive Aptitude Health consulting programs focused on the latest scientific data.

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